Win him back by ignoring him

When your ex boyfriend tells you he needs a break, you will immediately wonder what you did to make him unhappy. Feel this way you will be desperate to do things right and you call him to apologize. Your ex hangs up on you and you panic. Sound familiar? If so, learn to make him beg you to take it back.

You will have a lot of advice from parents and friends and they will tell you many things you should do. They see how heartbroken you are and they want to help you. But if they really wanted to help, they will tell you to do nothing at all. They do not realize that the best way to win him back is to make him want you even more, and you can do this by ignoring him.

It is normal to want to take quick action to show him his error and make your ex boyfriend see that you belong together. But if he felt this way, it would not upset with you. The more you try to change his mind, the more positive it will be dumping you was the right thing to do. To win him back, you will make him regret the break.

Your ex boyfriend is still in love with you, but it tries to keep hidden his love for you. He knows that if he lets his guard, he will show that love for you. That is why the continued begging and have no effect. His pride will not allow him to admit he is wrong when he has to keep the rejection. The best thing to do is slow down and ignore it for a while.

A man can do a lot of thought when it is left alone and memories may cause him to aspire. When your ex boyfriend realizes that you have stopped trying to change his mind, he will feel a void in his life. At first, he will not know what is the cause of the void, but soon he will see that you are what fills the void. Then the memories of good times together, you will begin to haunt him.

At first he will try to shake it, but soon he will admit that it is you that he is missing like crazy. He asks his friends where you are and what you do. Then it will hit him like a thunderbolt. You could have found someone else and his madness made him lose you forever. Now it is his turn to panic and try to get you back. You didn’t have to win him back after all!

When your boyfriend breaks up with you, the best course of action is not action at all. Just ignore it and let him see what life is like without you. When it starts to miss you like crazy, he will beg you to take it back.

Win him back by ignoring him
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