Learn Shredding Heavy Metal Electric Guitar Today!

Been wanting to learn to play an electric guitar? Ready to start tearing it up by learn heavy metal guitar? Trying to increase your speed and technique on your chord progressions and find guitar exercises for speed to keep up with your favorite heavy metal songs?

Get Started Shredding Today!

Look no further. The place to be is: www.learnheavymetal.com for learning to play the electric guitar and gaining the expertise and guidance for guitar exercises for speed! This new and exciting program created by fellow guitarist Phil Wheatley, is the building blocks for launching your heavy metal guitar education without the headache or boredom of sitting through hours and hours of theory and needless skills. Phil’s program, “Tearing It Up: Learn Heavy Metal Guitar”, focuses on the scales and chords needed to keep up with your favorite heavy metal songs, kicking your chord progression speed into ultra high gear and arming you with the guitar knowledge to get you start you down the path of guitar shredding excellence. Completely budget friendly with a one time payment plan, this program will teach you what you need to know in as little as 31 days!

Getting Your Money’s Worth…Plus MORE!

This program is jam packed with a variety of features with every purchase including an e-book perfected and jam packed with hundreds of pictures to help you with everything you need to know about learning heavy metal guitar. Use Phil’s color coded string system to make you life even EASIER! Also, included are a stack of 13 video tutorials that show you demonstrated tutorials from the e-book step by step. What could get easier than that? Don’t forget about the heavy metal cheat sheets that are available with every order as well to seal the deal.

Who is this Phil dude?

Phil Wheatley, the creator of the “Tearing It Up” program is a fellow heavy metal enthusiast and shredding guitarist. He has a great passion for the “Tearing It Up” system and also keep his happy customers up to date at his blog featuring information on the course and his online store at: http://www.learnheavymetalguitar.com/blog/.

How the Heck Do I Get Started?

You can get started now! It’s very simple:

  1. Visit http://www.learnheavymetalguitar.com
  2. Scroll towards the bottom until you find a section labeled: Get Tearing It Up Now at $17
  3. Click “Add to Cart“.
  4. Complete your payment of the ridiculously low price of $17.
  5. Immediately check your email for your new e-book in pdf format.
  6. Start shredding at guitar!

Pros & Cons

The pros way outweigh the cons which is why you should order your “Tear It Up” system today!


You get the complete system, for a steal of a deal with everything from an e-book to pics to video tutorials and more. Get lifetime updates on everything to keep up with the times! Complete 100% guarantee on this product, no risk to you!


Practice makes perfect! No overnight magic for this program, but it will cut your lesson times in half!

The Time is Now!

Have you always wanted to learn the electric guitar or shredding heavy metal guitar? Don’t have a lot of time or money for lengthy and expensive lessons? Phil Wheatley’s “Tear It Up” program is the answer for you! Visit http://www.learnheavymetalguitar.com to order your copy TODAY to start learning the electric guitar and find the perfect guitar exercises for speed!

Learn Shredding Heavy Metal Electric Guitar Today!
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