Heartburn Remedies For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a beautiful time for all women. One thing that makes this period beautiful is the various changes that happen in the woman’s body. However, not all changes are all that pleasant. Some women complain of pain, insomnia, constipation and gas, while some other women experience more serious conditions such as gestational diabetes, rosacea and acne. This is in addition to the irregularities such as PMS and virtual menopause that they experience. Heartburn is a very common addition to this list too. Here are some heartburn remedies for pregnant women that are tried and tested by women over the ages to make this phase of life more pleasant.

First let us try to understand why pregnant women experience heartburn. There are two main reasons that might be suggested.

1. When women are pregnant, they undergo various hormonal changes. Due to this, the ligaments that hold the lower esophageal sphincter might become loose, which enables the stomach acids to reflux easily up to it and beyond.

2. The growing size of the fetus also puts pressure on the stomach. This can push the contents of the stomach upwards into the alimentary canal, thus causing the heartburn.

Here are some simple remedies that work safely for women with heartburn problems.

1. Keep your body well-liquidated with water. You must drink at least eight to ten glasses of water a day when you are pregnant. But you must not drink all this water at one go. Doing this will put additional pressure on the stomach and cause the acid reflux.

2. Eat cooling foods. This includes green leafy vegetables (salad vegetables are the best choice, including celery, spinach and cucumber). Besides providing a cooling effect to the body, these vegetables also aid digestion due to their fiber content and thus reduce the chances of heartburn.

3. Avoid putting any weight or pressure on the stomach area. This includes wearing tight fitting clothes and bending at the waist.

4. There are some foods that can act as triggers for heartburn. You must avoid these foods. The list of such foods is long, but the most significant ones are mints, tomatoes, spicy and oily foods, hot foods, etc. Caffeine is also a heartburn trigger. Caffeine slows down digestion, thus aggravating the condition. Cocoa and chocolate are included in this list.

5. Avoid unnecessary beverages that are difficult to digest, such as colas.

6. Do not gain much weight. Gaining weight during pregnancy is normal, but you must make an effort not to gain any more weight than is normal. You must keep exercising using allowable techniques. Excessive weight can put pressure on the stomach, which can increase the heartburn condition. It is a good idea to join a weight loss program after seeking medical counsel if your weight is increasing unreasonably.

7. If you get heartburn mostly during the nights when you sleep, try changing your sleep position. Keep your upper body slightly inclined by propping it up with pillows.

These heartburn remedies for pregnant women are safe methods that all women can use. Your heartburn complaints will certainly reduce on implementing the right method from among these.

Heartburn Remedies For Pregnant Women
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