Heartburn No More Review

how to cure heartburnHeartburn No More is the highest selling ebook on relieving heartburn ever to be released on the internet.  We take a closer look at it for you.

Heartburn No More is written by Jeff Martin, who is a certified nutritionist, health consultant and author.  The book is written from his own experience, as a past sufferer of acid reflux.  It’s nice to know that the person behind any book knows what they are talking about, and in Jeff’s case, this is clear from the outset.  His depth of knowledge of the subject is obvious, as is the amount of research he has conducted into the production of this book.

There is a large selection of heartburn related books on the market, some better regarded than others, but Jeff has compiled what could only be described as the “Bible of Acid Reflux”.  It leaves nothing out and Jeff is precise and comprehensive in how he presents and explains the ins and outs of dealing with the condition.  So what’s different about it?

Simply put, it’s all to do with the approach that Jeff takes, and understanding what heartburn is.  Heartburn is just a symptom of acid reflux, so rather than only offering advice on relieving heartburn, he provides a complete acid reflux cure program.  In the first couple of chapters, he outlines why heartburn relief is not the desired aim, and focussing on relieving symptoms may in fact have contributed to past failures.  He talks about establishing what he calls an ‘acid reflux free internal environment’, and explains exactly why you need to achieve it, and then goes on to show you how to do it.

His attention to detail is impressive, with each element of the program dealt with extensively.  He also talks about some of the myths surrounding heartburn and acid reflux, leaving no stone unturned.  It really is very extensive and at 150 pages of expert content, it is a packed full of essential information.  This is a book that focusses on treating acid reflux using natural methods, so there are no recommendations for medications that can result in undesirable side effects.

The program is laid out as an easy to follow 5 step system, with an overview of each step followed by an in depth explanation of each one.  Accompanying charts and checklists make it easy for you to follow the program while always knowing where you stand.

It’s important to recognise that there is no quick fix for addressing the underlying causes of heartburn.  This course is not a miracle cure, but a holistic course that tackles the root cause of acid reflux, to ensure you will become permanently free of the condition.  It requires dedication and work, but upon reading, it quickly becomes apparent that this philosophy and approach is the correct one.

It really is hard to find fault with Jeff’s offering.  If anything, you could say that it is so crammed with solid content that it might seem a little overwhelming, and it merits more than one reading to take it all in.  So much information can be a little intimidating, but as with many instruction books, it is often better to read through once to get an overview, and then again to start absorbing the information.  However, you can rest assured that this is the last word on heartburn, and you will have no need to buy any other manuals after this one.

Pretty much anyone with Heartburn will benefit from reading this book.  In fact, you don’t even need to have heartburn to read this book.  It is so packed with healthy living advice that it could help anyone, but particularly those suffering with digestive disorders, such as IBS, Hiatal Hernia, bloating, constipation, Leaky Gut Syndrome and Yeast Infections, among others.

The layout is professional, which is important when it comes to reading ebooks.  It has a clean design, and is well organized, which means it is also ideally suited to printing out and reading at your own leisure.

If you are looking for a miracle, one shot, cured in a day solution, then this isn’t it.  That just doesn’t exist, and Jeff is honest and upfront about it.  This book tells the truth about acid reflux and outlines the steps you need to take to permanently cure yourself of heartburn.  If you are willing to commit to the program, take action and make the necessary changes, you too can experience the benefits that thousands of others have by following Jeff Martin’s Heartburn No More course.

Heartburn No More Review
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